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Dear friends,


      Thanks for your trust and support for Beijing Agent Devote Power Technology Co., Ltd. With your care and help, Agent Devote has developed into a joint stock high-tech enterprise with well desired reputation. 

      Beijing Agent Devote Power Technology Co., Ltd , located in ZGC Airport International High-tech Park in Beijing is a joint-stock high-tech enterprise approved by Beijing municipal government, enjoining favorable conditions in talents, technology, information, location, and resources. Agent Devote focuses on 4 business directions: smart grid, renewable energy, energy saving, and electrical EPC project, aiming to become global leading supplier and service provider of smart grid technical equipment/solutions as well as electric energy saving equipment/solutions. 


       So far, Agent Devote provides clients from power, wind farm, photovoltaic power station, petroleum and petrochemical, metallurgy, building materials, and railway industries with the flowing products and solutions: 



     1.  automation system for traditional substation

     2. automation system for smart substation,

     3. automation system for hydropower station,

     4. transformer condition monitoring system,

     5. HV electrical equipment state monitoring system,

     6. distributed cable and HV equipment optical fiber temperature measuring system,

     7.  renewable energy active power control system,

     8. energy AGC/AVC control system,

     9. dispatching two plane system,

     10.  renewable energy grid connection control system,

     11. renewable energy power forecast system,

     12. a new generation of intelligent control (energy management) platform,

     13. relaying protection and fault information system and secondary device integrative management platform,

     14. smart high and low voltage electrical equipment, 

     15.  smart reactive voltage control device,

     16. dynamic reactive power compensation and harmonic control device,

     17. energy efficient motors, permanent magnet motor speed control device,



     1. smart substation secondary solution scheme,

     2. smart renewable energy solution,

     3. distributed photovoltaic power generation solutions,

     4. end user intelligent energy management and energy saving solutions,

     5. gid security and stability control system solutions for large industrial and mining enterprises,

     6. intelligent substation equipment on-line monitoring solution

     7. intelligent three-dimensional control and integrated solutions 


Being client-oriented, based on creative technology, products of high quality, highly efficient services, standardized management procedures, and project management, holding the concept of ‘honesty, respect, cooperation, creativeness’, Agent Devote offers complete smart grid and energy saving solutions, complete renewable energy solutions to global clients from power, petroleum and petrochemical, metallurgy, building materials, and railway industries, and continuously explores global market, hoping to contribute to the advancement of power technology. 


        Thanks to the concern and support of our friends from all walks of life, though unremitting efforts and friendly cooperation, Agent Devote will surely in return benefit our customers, employees, partners, shareholders and the society with excellent performance and good corporate image, and fulfill our social responsibilities.