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No 9, Linhe Street, Shunyi District, Beijing, China

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Service Tenet:

    Beijing Agent Devote Power Technology Co., Ltd , located in ZGC Airport International High-tech Park in Beijing is a joint-stock high-tech enterprise approved by Beijing municipal government, enjoining favorable conditions in talents, technology, information, location, and resources.


    We set an engineering service hotline (010-89480701), so as to receive feedback information from users at any time, provide customized service according to different needs of users, and improve the timeliness and predictability of our after-sales service. We have also established a service review mechanism to actively recall or visit our customers regularly for collecting feedbacks, aiming to continuously improve the quality of our products.

What we offer:


    (1) Timely engineering service is an important part of quality assurance system, a continuation of the product quality guarantee, as well as an important manifestation of corporate social responsibility.

    (2) Ensure service quality through exquisite design, scientific management procedures, efficient project management, highly qualified service team and the service concept of "customer first".

    (3) Strictly control the whole production process, and involve users in the supervision of key production process. We will have dedicated coordinator responsible for coordinating the work and schedule of supervision staff sent by users.

    (4) During product delivery, the tasks of after-sales service personnel include product handover, out-of-box inspection, handling of quality problems, on-site installation guidance, and participation in performance acceptance test. Our after-sales staff shall make technical clarifications to relevant personnel before installation and debugging, and shall not leave before the product is put into operation.

    (5) We establish regular customer review system, in order to better understand the operation performance of our products.

    (6) If required, our company will provide trainings on technical issues regarding product operation and maintenance to our customers.