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Human Resource Strategy


        With the concept of “Honesty, Respect, Cooperation, and Creativeness”, Agent Devote provides a win-win and interactive platform for all the staff.  We have performance based incentive mechanism to attract excellent talents, people-oriented corporate culture to influence our staff, and prosperous career to maintain our team. Internal training and promotion is at the core of our human resource management.

Personnel Training System:

        Our system combines collective training and individual training. We have established short (1 year), medium (3 years) and long-term (5 years) cycles of incentive mechanism, adhered to providing professional training and general training in parallel, and internal training and external training in parallel, so as to keep excellent and faithful employees. Our Human Resource department is responsible for making training strategies, personnel selection, and detailed training plans. Functional departments and project teams shall be responsible for preliminary staff recommendation and training implementation.

Implementation of Human Resource Strategy:

    We offer 3 major career steps

    1. any new recruits could be objects of cultivation. We select from new staff the ones who are competent on his or her position and have reached our talent assessment standards in the aspects of learning capacity, performance, professional tests and customer evaluation, to be backbone personnel.

    2. staff with more than 3 years work experience at Agent Devote and great potential may be recommended for promotion by vice president in charge. Having passed relevant assessment, recommended staff will be cultivated and may be promoted for department manager or project manager.

    3. as for middle-level managers with more than 5 years work experience at Agent Devote who recognize the vision and corporate value of Agent Devote, and have strong management, leadership, coordination and communication capacities, could handle things in a dialectical manner and pass the 360-degree performance appraisal, they may be cultivated to be senior managerial personnel or technical leaders.

Promotion and Elimination Mechanism:

        To ensure the effective implementation of our Personnel Training Strategy and to stimulate the enterprising spirit of our employees, we human resource strategy will be implemented in a dynamic manner. Generally, we will carry out 360-degree performance appraisal for all the staff each year. Staff who cannot pass the appraisal shall be deprived of the opportunity to be considered as our strategic talents for the first time. Employees who have failed to pass the appraisal twice will be eliminated from our reserve for strategic talents.
Once there is opening for managerial (key technical) positions, we prefer selecting from our cultivation objects, rather than recruiting from outside.