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Service Commitment:

    1.We set an engineering service hotline (010-89480701) so as to receive feedback information from users at any time, to provide customized service according to different needs of users, and to improve the timeliness and predictability of our after-sales service.
    2.Quick response on-site service.
    3.In case of emergency, our service team will arrive on site within limited time.
    4.We establish a service review system to actively recall or visit our customers regularly for collecting feedbacks, aiming to continuously improve the quality of our products.
    5.24 hours professional guidance from our engineers through our service hotline

Customer Training:

    1.Our training team consists of experienced engineers capable to provide project oriented, personalized training and guidance.
    2.Lifelong technical guidance and support
    3.Our training objective is to have our users operate the product skillfully, and to meet customers’ need for different levels of training.