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Smart Power Management and Energy-saving Solutions for End Users
        Energy saving and emission reduction is included in the national "Twelfth Five Year Plan" and "Thirteenth Five Year Plan" and will remains to be major national strategic development direction in the future for a long time. To realize national sustainable development and low carbon life, and to reduce environmental pollution, improve the quality of people’s lives is the pursuit of our country and even the world as a whole.

        One important work of energy saving is to achieve electricity saving at end users, to optimize the use of electricity, and to ensure security of power utilization, etc. Using new energy-saving technology, and making full use of new energies such as solar energy, waste heat power generation, blast furnace gas power generation, bio material power generation, which are close to the end users can reduce the loss on power transmission network, achieve the purpose of saving energy and reducing emission.

        China's energy saving market has a capacity of trillions of RMB. Various energy-saving technologies, products, a lot of equipments exist on the market, forming a very long energy-saving system industrial chain. Complete energy saving solutions integrated by professional companies is the best means for customers to achieve effective energy-saving and improve efficiency. At current stage in China, energy saving is mainly achieved through using high efficiency equipment and energy saving equipment, and advocating the habit of saving electricity among citizens. This kind of energy-saving can be easily observed. However, waste of electric energy is always invisible and hidden. Power Grid Corporations solve the problem of energy wasting mainly through reducing network loss, adjusting voltage reactive power, optimizing the operation of power grid. As for end users such as industrial and mining enterprises and higher education institutions, they have independent power grid with numerous equipments and various loads, operating in relatively complex conditions. This means that the power system operation of end users has its own rules and characteristics. For a long time, China State Grid and end users’ power grid mainly pay attention to the safety of operation rather than the economical efficiency. End users haven’t paid enough attention to comprehensive utilization of distributed power supply, electricity quality optimization or energy saving, resulting in high energy consumption per unit of product, and poor economic benefit in return, which is one major reason of their low competitiveness on market.
        Solution of comprehensive utilization of distributed power supply and the power quality optimization is the most effective way to solve the hidden energy wasting problem for end users. It is also one of the key directions of smart grid technology development in the world.

        Based on end user energy-saving research, Agent Devote finds that end users have insufficient understanding of hidden waste of energy, and poor understanding on power quality optimization or comprehensive utilization of distributed power supply.

        Therefore, implementing comprehensive use of distributed power supply, power quality optimization and energy saving is fully in consistent with China’s national industrial technology development direction, thus having a very important economic and social significance.

        The solution can be widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical enterprises, colleges and universities, scientific research units, industrial parks, large communities and other fields.

Smart energy management and energy saving features:

    1) systematical thinking: each end customer is regarded as an independent power system. Consideration will be given to overall energy saving for the whole region of end user such as steel plant, chemical plant, universities and so on. 

    2) optimize all the equipment in the system, provide and realize the optimization plan;

    3) achieve power quality optimization management and control for the regional grid of end user, realize real-time interaction between power grid and equipment;
    4) achieve interaction between end user grid and distributed power supplies;

    5) achieve a new generation of energy management and control system (end user dynamic energy management system), and achieve optimized economical operation of end user power grid (end user grid network loss minimization, voltage reactive power control optimization, etc.);

Functions of smart power management and energy saving system

功能管理和操作界面:                          Function management and operation interface:

电力系统,                                         power system,

动力系统,                                         dynamical system,

航道/环境系统,                                  waterway/environment system,

先进的分析预测,                                advanced analysis-based forecast,

标杆管理,                                         benchmarking management,

能耗指标管理,                                   energy consumption KPI index management,

电能质量分析与优化控制,                    power quality analysis and optimization control,

可再生能源系统管理,                          renewable energy system management,

节能评估管理,                                   energy saving assessment management,

OA系统                                              OA system

能源信息实时处理,                              Real-time processing of energy information,

能源系统失效分析,                              energy system failure analysis,

基本能量管理功能,                              basic energy management function,

环境保护行政管理职能,                        environmental protection administration function,

统计分析,                                          statistical analysis,

趋势图,                                             trend graph,

大数据分析管理,                                 big data analysis management,

领导决策,                                          decisions by leading administrator,

视频管理系统                                       video management system

关系型数据库,                                    Relational database – publishing to Web,

MESERP、三维显示、系统接口             MES/ERP, 3D display, MIS interface

工业以太网,                                       Industrial Ethernet – cameras,

仪表及监控仪表,                                 meters and monitoring instruments,

生产控制系统,                                    production control system,

电能质量监测装置,                              power quality monitoring device,

SVCSVG的控制装置                            SVC/SVG control device