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AGVCS-1000 AGC/AVC Control System

        According to " Technical Requirements on Wind Farm Power System Integration" (GB / T 19963-2011), “Technical Requirements on Connecting Photovoltaic Farms to Power System” (GB / T 19964-2012), “Technical Requirements on Connecting Wind Farm to Grid” and “Technical Requirements on Connecting Photovoltaic Farms to Grid” by the State Grid Corporation of China, wind / photovoltaic power plants are required to be equipped with active power control system, and should be capable to adjust voltage and power factor.  

        AGVCS-1000 AGC / AVC control system is applicable to wind / photovoltaic power stations of various type and size, to realize communication between smart communication systems such as active power control system, integrated automation system, SVG system, converter (wind generator control system) and so on, to fulfill functions of data collection and processing, communication, operation, maintenance, display, etc., and conduct automatic power generation and voltage control.