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Smart New Energy (wind power and photovoltaic power) Solution


        New energy (wind and photovoltaic power) solution is a new generation of smart new energy solution developed by Agent Devote to meet the need of new energy customers. The solution is developed in compliance with relevant national regulations, based on combined use of core products of Agent Devote and advanced technical devices from other companies, and our rich experience in hundreds of sets of automation systems.

Technical Features:

        1. Systematical optimization of technical solution: the solution integrates advanced technical products of the whole industry, e.g. as for new energy forecasting system, we would select world leading products, and for protection products and basic system, we will use mature products of our company, so as to realize the technical optimization.

        2. Multiple functions, high level of system integration: the solution includes new energy substation microcomputer protection and automation system, AGC/AVC control, power forecast system, active power coordinated control, power quality management system, wind generator monitoring system etc., and integrates all the systems in an organic way to realize data sharing and advanced decision analysis.

        3. Easy to be integrated with various communication interfaces: the system could realize communication with various communication interfaces and through various communication protocols like IEC60870-5-101/104、CDT、MODEBUS、IEC61850, etc.

        4. Conform to Power Secondary Security Protection Regulation: strictly designed following the principle of "horizontal isolation" and "vertical encryption”, and in compliance with power secondary system protection requirements in terms of cross regional data exchange. Data transmission encryption / decryption technology, system user permissions and authentication measures, and data security backup measures are combined to ensure system security.

        5. Accurate power forecast function: having adopted world leading power forecast system, our solution could realized accurate power forecast for each single wind generator and the whole wind farm as well, with an accuracy rate higher than that of similar products in the market.

        6. Advanced decision-making and management function: the design data, the actual operation data and historical data could be analyzed and compared; data mining technology and the advanced analysis system are integrated to realize new energy system advanced decision-making, and to optimize operation, assets management, repair, maintenance, and spare parts management.
        7. Solve problems faced by new energy companies: having integrated world leading smart new energy solutions, our solution can realize new energy project evaluation and site selection, new energy plant operation and optimization, big data analysis, optimization of wind generator operation, assets and spare parts management of new energy plants.

8.Online monitoring system based on GIS and 3D technology: GIS and 3 D technology are combined to provide authentic visualized display of new energy plant operation data on the 3D platform.
System structure: