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Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation Solution

Basic concept of distributed photovoltaic power generation and relevant national policy:

        In order to promote the development of photovoltaic power generation, The State Grid Corporation of China has carried out a series of favorable policies regarding photovoltaic power generation since year 2013, including offering grid connection service for distributed photovoltaic power suppliers, and providing financial subsidies for distributed photovoltaic power generation, so as to vigorously promote the development of distributed photovoltaic power generation. According to “The State Grid Corporation of China Year 2012 Document No. 1560”, photovoltaic power generation should be constructed in the vicinity of the users for local use, and should be connected to grid at or below  10 kV voltage. The total installed capacity at each single gird connection point should not exceed 6MW.
        “Opinions of the State Council on Promoting Healthy Development of the Photovoltaic Industry” issued in 2013 and “National Energy Document, National Energy Renewable Energy (2015) Document No. 73” have both given clear regulations on distributed photovoltaic power generation on roof. According to the regulations, projects of distributed photovoltaic power generation on roof or ground for self-use will not be limited by size; local energy administrative authorities should accept the projects for record in a timely manner; grid enterprises should deal with gird connection formalities in a timely manner for such projects; and the projects will soon be classified into the scope of subsidies once completed. It is encouraged to develop distributed photovoltaic power generation project that can be connected to grid at voltage level of or below 35KV (66KV for northeastern area), with installed capacity under 20000 KW and generated capacity that could be absorbed within the power transformation area of the grid connection point. Grid enterprise should simplify their grid connection formalities for distributed photovoltaic power generation project. Moreover, with the reformation of China’s power system, power transmission and distribution will be separated; stock assets of distribution network will remain state owned, while private capital would be allowed to enter the incremental assets of distribution network. All these factors, together with the implementation of National Energy Internet strategy, distributed power supply and micro-grid construction will be actively promoted.

        Policies issued by the State Council, National Energy Administration, and State Grid Corporation of China have paved way for the development of distributed photovoltaic power station. Distributed photovoltaic power station construction will embrace an important period of development.

Principle of distributed photovoltaic power generation system:

        Distributed photovoltaic power generation system is composed by solar cell array, junction box, DC cabinet, converter etc. The solar cell array will be installed on roof, fixed by battery holder or dedicated clamp. Other devices could be installed indoor or outdoor.

System Diagram: