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ADVP-1451 LV Motor Protection Device


        ADVP-1451 LV motor protection device is a smart, networked, digital low voltage motor protection device for the MCC circuit.

        The product is mainly used for motor with primary circuit composed by ‘circuit breaker + contactor’ to realize control, protection and monitoring of motor, and to realize remote monitoring and control of the motor circuit through the field bus. It changes the traditional motor protection and control mode, replaces conventional electric elements such as thermal relay, current transformer, intermediate relay, transmitter. While realizing the integration of protection, measurement and control, it integrates network communication technology and distributed smart measurement and control technology into MCC control center, thus providing a scientific and effective unit of field protection, measurement and control for production process control.

        ADVP-1451 LV electric protection device is composed of two parts: protection device module ADVP-1451, display module ADVP-1451D.

        The protective device module ADVP-1451 can run independently, realize various protection functions and the start / stop control functions of motor; the display module ADVP-1451D, as auxiliary part, can be selected according to customer demand. It cannot run independently, needs to be used together with the protective device module. Through the display module, you can view the measurement data, switch status, alarm information and fault information, conduct parameter setting and motor start / stop control, and so on.


Advanced industrial chips and advanced technical design concept give high anti-jamming ability and reliability to the hardware system of the device;

It integrates motor digital protection, comprehensive power measurement, the start/ stop operation control, operation state monitoring, and network communication functions.

Protection control module and display unit are separately installed, making installation/maintenance extremely flexible;

It measures various parameters of motor circuit, such as three phase current, grounding current, three-phase voltage, power, power factors etc.,

has fault record, alarm and event log function;

It can realize network communication With RTU, PLC and a variety of microcomputer control configuration software, constitute a distributed comprehensive power monitoring and control system;

Mini-sized, suitable for MNS、GCS、GCK、GGD, and various types of draw-out blocks(including 1/4 drawer), fixed blocks, and blocks of hybrid type. Fixed guide rail makes installation convenient.

Device outline dimension: