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Secondary Solution for Smart Substation


        It is a new generation of smart substation secondary solution developed by Agent Devote to meet the new needs of customers and improve the intelligent level of substation. The solution is designed based on core products of Agent Devote, integrated with advantageous products and software of other companies, in compliance with relevant national standards, and out of Agent Devote’s experience in hundreds of sets of substation automation system.

Product Features:

1.   Complete and optimized technical solution

      Our solution integrates advanced technical products of the industry, e.g. as for software, we select products of the American company ETAP, and for protection device and basic system, we would pick from mature products of Agent Devote or equally high qualified products from other domestic or foreign companies, to realize optimization of the solution.

2.   Multiple functions, high level of system integration

      The solution includes substation microcomputer protection and automation system, intelligent substation protection and automation system, power quality management system, fault data and secondary equipment management system, primary equipment temperature measuring system, partial discharge monitoring system and microcomputer "five prevention" system, and integrates all the systems in an organic way to realize high integration and data sharing.

3.   Development of substation data centers

      All the substation related data will be collected and processed. By virtual technology, the substation data center is developed.

 4.   Easy to be integrated with various communication interface

      The system could realize communication with various communication interfaces and through various communication protocols like IEC60870-5-101/104、CDT、MODEBUS、IEC61850, etc.
5.   Conform to Power Secondary Security Protection Regulation

      The system is designed strictly following the principle of "horizontal isolation" and "vertical encryption”, and in compliance with power secondary system protection requirements in terms of cross regional data exchange. Data transmission encryption / decryption technology, system user permissions and authentication measures, and data security backup measures are combined to ensure system security.

6.   Real intelligent functions

      ETAP software is integrated in the system. The preliminary equipment of substation could be digitalized through modeling; potential events and corresponding operation could be simulated online; event playback could be realized. Based on the above real intelligent functions, trainings could be easily realized for management and operation staff, to give them clear understanding about the operation safety of substation.

7.   Advanced decision-making and management function

      The design data, the actual operation data and historical data can be analyzed and compared; with data mining technology and the ETAP advanced analysis system integrated,   intelligent operation of substation, and digitalized management of substation technical files, assets, maintenance and spare parts could be realized.

8.   Combined with 3 D GIS to provide authentic and visualized on-line monitoring system
      GIS and 3D technology are combined to provide visualized display of substation operation data on 3D platform.

System functions:

      1.  remote control, remote communication, remote dispatching, remote measurement, and remote display functions

      2.  microcomputer ‘five-prevention’ function, automatic generation of operation order sheet

      3.  forecast estimation, event playback, operation exercise, simulation, intelligent load reduction control functions

      4.  protection measurement and control function

      5.  power quality online monitoring and data analysis functions

      6.  fault data and secondary equipment management function

      7.  transformer online monitoring and data analysis function

      8.  HV and LV switching cabinet online monitoring and data analysis functions

      9.  CIS-based 3D display function

      10. great communication integration function

      11. seamless connection with dispatching system

      12. integrating the fire protection, security, water supply and administration systems of the substation

System structure


3D Display Function