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 Fault data and the secondary devices management solutions for industrial and mining enterprises

        Substations of industrial and mining enterprises usually use microcomputer protection device as protection. Generally, microcomputer protection device has simple fault wave recording and accident record functions, can record fault information at intervals, but not all the fault information of the whole substation. Most substation automation systems do not provide background fault analysis software, thus the intelligent level of their fault analysis is relatively low, which does not benefit the safety operation of grid in the enterprise. In addition, the storing of protection value setting in the substation automation system and the cast/withdraw of protection secondary plate are all dependent upon the protection measurement and control device. Once the protection measurement and control device is in failure, the information security cannot be guaranteed, which will result in huge hidden trouble for grid safety operation of the enterprise.

        Based on years of research and development, Agent Devote has developed its own fault data and the secondary devices management solution for industrial and mining enterprises, combining with related national standards on grid secondary equipment and fault data management. The solution includes relaying protection fault information device and control center fault analysis and management software.

System structure (picture)

监控中心;Monitoring and control center;
设备状态监测;equipment status monitoring;
故障数据分析;fault data analysis;
模型管理与配置;model management and configuration;
系统状态监测;system status monitoring;
数据传输总线;data transmission bus;
二次设备连接;secondary equipment connection;
系统外部通信;system external communication;
保护装置;protection device;
故障波形记录器;faulted wave recorder;
测量与控制装置;measurement and control device;
其他IED;other IED;
主站系统;master station system;
监控系统monitoring system;
其他系统;other systems;