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Integrated Solution for Intelligent Regulation and Control

        The development of smart grid technology, information technology and computer technology has driven the development of power dispatching automation system into a “digitalized, integrated, gridding, standardized, market-oriented, and intelligent” direction, which should be the mainstream direction in the future. Integration means the share and integration of data and functions among internal systems of the dispatching center; gridding is for the “need to be known” among dispatching centers; standardization means that the software is component based according to IEC61970 standard system; intelligent dispatching is the ultimate goal of integrated regulation and control; to be market-oriented is the inevitable choice of electric power system reform.

The new generation of intelligent power regulation and control platform has the following features and functions:

    1.  integrated platform

    2. cross-platform system

    3.  data center established

    4.  distributed system

    5.  in compliance with IEC 61970; support the SOA structural system of CIM/CIS, intermediate technology, plug-and-play technology

    6.  centralized monitoring center based on 3D visualization technology

    7.  centralized fault analysis system

    8. advanced application functions including subsystem AGC/EDC, advanced application software PAS, dispatcher simulation training system DTS, dispatching management system OMS, energy management system EMS, management information system MIS, dispatching management information system DMIS, safety analysis SA, voltage quality control VQC, automatic voltage control AVC, geography information system GIS;

    9. primary and secondary device online monitoring and evaluation system

    10. 3D dynamic simulation system

    11.  weather forecast

    12.  linkage with video monitoring system allows operator to check operation result on display screen during operation, to realize “what’s displayed is just what’s under control”