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Solution for Substation Device On-line Monitoring
        On-line substation monitoring system is an integrated platform monitoring important equipments in the substation, such as the main transformer, GIS combined electrical appliances, circuit breakers, power cables, lightning arrester, etc.  
        On-line monitoring technology is key to substation condition monitoring and diagnosis, and the necessary means to realize the visualization of the intelligent equipment status, the basis for the realization of state maintenance, for it provides real-time and continuous monitoring data and analysis basis. Effective online monitoring system can keep track of the running status of the equipment and the degree of deterioration, to avoid the occurrence of sudden accident and prevent faults, so as to improve the utilization rate of HV electrical equipments, help to transform from periodic, preventive maintenance to condition-based maintenance, improve asset management and evaluation of equipment life, provide effective basis for fault analysis.
        On-line monitoring, fault diagnosis, and equipment maintenance forms a series of processes, constituting the meaning of condition-based maintenance of electrical equipments. The ultimate goal of actively developing and using on-line substation monitoring system is to replace current regular maintenance with condition-based maintenance, to provide diagnostic analysis basis for maintenance, which is an integral part of condition- based maintenance strategy.

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